Our Approach

Our approach to creating a culture of quality care across Leeds is based on academic research, teaching excellence and international best practice in leadership and quality improvement. We do this by supporting collaborative conversations and networks at system level, developing system-level leadership for quality, using data analysis and improvement techniques to make changes with professionals, patients and carers as partners. As a collective, the health and social care organisations across Leeds and the University of Leeds have committed to a systemic approach to professional development for the city.

The Professional Leadership and Change Programme focuses on clinical areas for improvement, whilst the system leader network focuses on creating the conditions for enabling and sustaining quality across the city. We support and enable multidisciplinary teams to identify improvement opportunities, explore new ways of working and deliver quality care.

We provide ongoing support to a city wide network of improvement champions and provide a ‘neutral space’ for people to learn and explore possibilities together.

Lessons from Intermountain Healthcare

The significant challenges facing NHS leaders to secure integrated quality care at lower cost, in partnership with service users, carers and communities was the focus for a fact finding mission to Utah in the USA by the Leeds Medical Senate in 2013. The purpose was not to pick up and drop in solutions that have worked there, but rather to use the visit to challenge some of the core assumptions of how clinical leaders can lead transformational change.

There the performance data is used for learning conversations – everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to teach. The way of working is one of Inquiry – what do we know about what’s going on now? What is working well? How can we do more of that?

Two Pathways to Quality Improvement


Ref: Berwick, D.M., James, B.C., and Coye, M. The connections between quality measurement and improvement. Medical Care 2003; 41(1):I30-39 (Jan).

Download Developing System Wide Accountability – Lessons from Intermountain Healthcare and Rocky Mountain Health Plans & IPA