Here are others working on the same missions as us. Many provide great resources including research reports, practical toolsheets and more.

The King’s Fund

Nuffield Trust – provides evidence-based research and policy analysis.

The Health Foundation

NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement  (USA)

Intermountain Healthcare (USA) – A great influence on our understanding and approach to health care improvement.


The ‘Realising the Value’ programme – reports and tools to enable people to take active roles in their own health and care. We discuss in our programmes and is known as ‘co-production’.

Realising the Value was an 18-month programme funded by NHS England and led by Nesta and the Health Foundation, running from May 2015 to November 2016.


Pre and Post-Operative Factors Associated with Fractured Neck of Femur

D Ganesh and M Xue

July 2015

Network Toolkit

Networks can make a real difference to patients’ experience of quality healthcare. Networks are great places to learn, connect, influence, shape and deliver health services.  This website brings you the latest intelligence and experience on networks, and provides you with useful tools to help you make the most of the talent within your network.

NHS Improving Quality has developed this resource in partnership with the Centre for Innovation in Health Management at the University of Leeds and is thankful to The Health Foundation for sharing its work on diagnostics.

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