Longitudinal Support Clinics

Support for Improvement Project Groups

Support for groups does not end when our programmes do. We continue to provide bespoke support through Longitudinal Support Clinics.

After The Fellowship Programme

We understand the slow and infuriating process of improvement projects. You can hit walls, massive changes interrupt your progress etc

You can develop blind spots that lead to increased frustration. You need help to see something from a different angle. We all need that from time to time.

How can LIQH help?

These sessions are arranged to help you design, implement, and sustain your project. They are designed around your needs, with flexibility within the sessions.

Here are some of the ways the sessions can help:

  • Demystify those dreaded Wicked Problems and other challenges
  • Re-explore and re-understand the tools we’ve taught
  • Encouraging Team Coaching
  • Qualitative and Quantative Data Analysis
  • Point out the essential resources to hand
  • Tackle tough questions
  • Redefining project aims
  • Have conversations that leave you energised

How will they work?

General format of clinics

Pre-clinic: any information on what you want to get from the session

Start of clinic: brief introductions to people, projects and issues. Themes and requirements identified.

Within the clinic:

  • Project teams working on project with support from faculty as required
  • Re exploration of a tool or process to support projects
  • Individual support for next steps/action planning

Wrap-up: brief review of outcomes and review of clinic.

Faculty – at least two faculty members will normally be present, so that groups can work in parallel.

As an example: at the March meeting, one project held a project meeting to identify key actions, with small input from faculty on data and processes. Another project had some individual faculty support to review project aims and identify resources to take project forward.

If you need something not listed here, please ask – our aim is to help you complete your projects and get maximum learning from the process.

How to sign up

Email us on LIQH@leeds.ac.uk with the date and the members of your group coming and any dietary needs. No need to fill in forms.

When and Where

Support Clinics run from 0930 – 1600. You are welcome to attend just the morning (0930 – 1230), the afternoon (1300 – 1600) or the whole day.

LIQH Project support clinics: Venue
 Weds 19 April CIHM
Weds 17 May CIHM
Tues 13 June CIHM
Thurs 6 July CIHM