The Centre for Innovation in Health Management has developed a unique approach to quality improvement. It takes you through every stage of developing an improvement project from planning, designing and testing through to implementation, evaluation and spread. It is called the IMPROVE CARE model.


A unique approach for unique situations

The IMPROVE CARE model for education provides a framework for continuous improvement that is underpinned by the CARE approach, leading to sustained change.

The model developed by Natalie Leach at the University of Leeds, builds upon existing improvement methodology such as PDSA, which, if you look closely, can be seen as built into the framework.

Considering ‘people’

Unlike the existing methodologies, this integrated approach focuses on people. We often struggle to realise that colleagues, patients and service users can be our greatest resource for learning and improving.

You may hear the term ‘co-production’ sometimes. It simply means talking. Creating conversations, considering new perspectives.

This has been the basis for distillation of the key lessons from LIQH delivery since 2014.

This model provides a consistent and holistic approach to education and improvement for the city of Leeds.


A framework for education and continuous improvement with an explicit people focus.

The IMPROVE journey is clear in its instruction with the CARE approach prompting the improver to ensure there is a focus on people throughout every stage of the process.


IMPROVE CARE Model Copyright © 2016 University of Leeds.

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