LIQH Fellowship Programme – 2016-2017

Our 2016/17 programme ran from November 2016 until July 2017.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare (LIQH) Fellowship Programme brings together an understanding of, and ability to undertake change across the health and social care in Leeds. The programme combines the Intermountain Healthcare approach to professional practice and quality improvement with the University’s long history of teaching excellence and working across organisations within systems.

The NHS Five Year Forward View, published in October 2014, sets out a new shared vision for the future of the NHS based around new models of care. The overall aim of the LIQH Fellowship Programme is to support professionals to lead change and improve care in line with the future ambitions for the NHS through a whole system approach to professional development and improvement. These individuals will become the ‘change champions’ of the future, leading to sustained change and improvement across the city.

The programme is designed for health and care (public & third sector) professionals in Leeds, to actively improve the quality of care provided to those using services. It is based on systematic thinking, improvement science and co-production and it is a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues across the city on a shared ambition. The programmes are highly interactive and are based on adult learning principles.

In 2016-17 LIQH will continue its commitment to developing capacity in the NHS in Leeds to improve the outcomes and experience for patients, remove waste and failure demand and improve cost effectiveness. This year in particular the focus will be on neighbourhood teams and developing neighbourhood capacity in each of the CCGs.

The programme is scheduled over nine months and incorporates theoretical teaching and practical application through the development of improvement projects. Taught sessions are supported by blended learning tools and learning workbooks.

For more information please refer to our CCG specific flyers:

Leeds North CCG Flyer

Leeds West CCG Flyer

Leeds South & East CCG Flyer

We are currently recruiting for the LIQH Fellowship Programme in 2016-2017, please follow the relevant links below to register:

Leeds North CCG

Leeds West CCG

Leeds South & East CCG 

LIQH Year 3 summary presentation – October 2016 from CIHM University of Leeds

To learn more about the Leeds Institute of Quality Healthcare and its Fellowship Programme, the Programme Director Dr Duncan Ross will talk you through it…