Improvement Projects

LIQH fellows in 2016 begin discussing ideas

We focus on a small number of clinical priorities with projects that span primary and secondary care, where we can make a real difference to the experience of patients, service users, carers and communities.

The focus has been on identifying where there is significant variation, where we know involving citizens in decisions about their own care will secure better quality, and where there is enthusiasm for change within the professional community.

For the 2016/17 Fellowship Programme the focus is on Urgent Care and the improvement project areas will be developed January 2017.

So far we have worked with colleagues from across the Leeds system from the following clinical areas:


Cardiovascular Disease – 3 Projects were started in 2014 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – 3 Projects started in 2014 Fracture Neck of Femur –
Cancer – 3 Projects were started in 2015 Dementia – 3 Projects were started in 2015 Diabetes – 3 Projects started in 2015